Issue No. 3 Starts Now! — Update to Update Schedule

Once again, thanks to everyone who voted in the cover poll! I had fun with that last cover — particularly with the chance to put in a few little details here and there.

But it’s time now to get started on a new issue as The Ripper Effect hurtles headlong into drama territory. Check out the new page that kicks off this rollercoaster!

Mission Statement – Issue No. 3

I knew going into Issue No. 3 that I wanted to do a serious storyline. Something a little bit darker, a little more grounded in real-world issues, with problems that aren’t so easy to resolve with punching and superpowers. Especially since there has been plenty of punching and superpowers already, and more of that to come!

More than either of the prior two issues, releasing this one kind of terrifies me. If I did my job right, we’re going to see our characters go through some internal struggles. If I did it poorly, this thing is going to fall spectacularly on its face. This one was hard to write, and depending on my mood, I’ll be either be certain it works or positive that it’s a stupendous disaster.

Time will tell which one it turns out to be. Until this thing is over I’ll be keeping my editorial comments to a minimum — although I might do a post-mortem once it’s over. If you want to submit some thoughts as we go along, feel free to email me at

Update to Update Schedule!

I’m far enough ahead now that I want to reduce my buffer a little. So Issue No. 3 is going to publish THREE TIMES A WEEK, on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. That’s right, I’ve reached the big leagues here.

Also, if this thing is a disaster, that means we’ll get through it faster.

I call that a win-win scenario.