The Ripper Effect: Issue No. 1 Letters Page

You can listen to A ROBOT’S LAST POEM, as read by the author:

Finally, this last letter just didn’t fit on the page, but deserves its own highlight:

Dr. Dr. Dawn Devereux
In what is she learned, we don’t know
Maybe she’s got a PhD Chem E
Or perhaps a Robotics Interaction specialty?

As the MOF destabilizes in her hands,
let’s hope her PPE withstands
that is, if she uses it without reserve
and sets a standard from which none may swerve

You can’t crash a robot by speaking paradox
Nor beat it by fists CHOOM SPAK KA-CHOCKS!
And maybe robots do not enjoy poetry
But hopefully that’s Dawn Devereux’s other PhD.

— Dawn Devereux Poetry Fan Club

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