Cover Concepts Wanted – Issue No. 2

In case you were wondering — yes, we’re going to have another cover poll for Issue No. 2. It’s a ways down the road still, but it’ll be here before you know it!

To that end … I’ll be coming up with a few cover concepts for that poll, and I could use your help. Do you have an idea forĀ the cover for Issue No. 2? Leave a comment on this post!

I’ll pick my favorite(s) to mock up and include in the cover poll when we get there!

A few rules for this:

  • Stay on topic. The cover should generally have SOMETHING to do with the theme or plotline of the comic. But, at the same time…
  • Avoid spoilers. If the issue ends with a surprise birthday party, that shouldn’t go on the cover!
  • Ominous and/or menacing cover concepts are great.
  • If it’s out of left field but still an awesome idea, it might still work!
  • Not too complex. Let’s not put all the characters on the cover. Or the Taj Mahal.
  • Try to keep it to one sentence or thereabouts. Take a look at the Issue No. 1 cover poll for examples of concept sentences!
  • If you suggest a concept that gets made into a thumbnail and gets selected as the final cover, I’ll credit you on the site as well as in any final printed version if one ever comes to pass!
  • Standard rules apply … I reserve the right to not select a conceptĀ if I don’t get anything appropriate. By commenting with a concept you agree to let me use the concept for whatever purposes I want, until the first Tuesday of the year 2187. And right now there isn’t really a prize other than potentially seeing your suggestion made into a piece of art.

The deadline for concepts is 4/12/2017 at 12:01 a.m.!