Issue No. 4 Starts Now!

All right, folks. It’s time to start Issue No. 4! Page 1 starts pretty much where we left off the last issue!

Mission Statement – Issue No. 4

After Issue No. 3’s more serious tone, this one is going to be a little lighter. Last issue we stepped away from OmegaTech, and things went all wrong back at the office while we weren’t looking. This issue we’re going to see how this goes down, and we’ll also take a look in some corners of the business that haven’t been explored yet.

It’s entirely possible that no one will get killed or blown up or otherwise mortally injured.

But given my track record, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I’m pretty sure “the Ripper Effect” actually refers to a phenomenon experienced by being a character in this comic.

Update Schedule

Issue No. 4 will update two days a week on Wednesday and Sunday.


Cover Poll Results – Issue No. 3 + Bonus Thumbnails

Today’s bonus features are some thumbnails from Issue No. 3!

And now, the results of the Issue No. 3 Cover Poll (drumroll please):

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Poll Results:
Which design should I use for the cover to Issue No. 3?

And the winner is … Blind Justice! Good choice!

I’ll get to work on that. One more day of bonus features on Friday, then the cover on Sunday and we’ll get started on Issue No. 4! That one’s gonna be the most spectacular, action-packed issue yet. Plus hero pants and explosions! Don’t miss it.