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You know it. I know it. We all know it: you’re a discerning man/woman/extraterrestrial of unparalleled taste. Because you’re reading The Ripper Effect. And now, now you just want to know — how can you help support this fine comic and keep it going??

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Know someone who likes comics, superheroes, and/or hero pants? Please let them know about The Ripper Effect. What we need most right now is new readers … so pass the word! I’m much more comfortable sitting down to draw a page than I am trying to figure out how to get people to actually read it.

Got ideas of how to get out there in the webcomic world? We’re all ears. Send suggestions to

Tip the Artist

Hosting isn’t cheap! Okay, it’s not that expensive YET, but I don’t even have any ads up on this site yet. I am literally spending money to bring you entertainment. Ain’t that benevolent?

If you want to send me a few bucks to help defray the costs of web hosting and graphite, head on over to Thanks!

What About a Dead Tree Edition?

What, you thought I’d draw a cover for my comic and then NOT create some kind of print version? I’m looking into getting Issue No. 1 printed … stay tuned!