Ask Dawn No. 15

This concludes our regularly scheduled Ask Dawn interlude. ┬áPlease be advised that we will take a short hiatus–I’ve fallen behind on completing the cover for Issue No. 8, as I have been distracted by completing Issue No. 9, prepping the massive Issue No. 10, and color fixes for printing Issue No. 7. Also there’s this thing where I’ve been adding more to my pages which means they take more time.

New pages will resume no later than January 27, 2019. Thanks for your patience!

The Ripper Effect: Issue No. 8, Page 23

Author’s Note: I found myself growing increasingly dissatisfied with how the colors on Purple were coming out (also, the colors I picked weren’t printing well). So I’ve changed how Purple (and Blue!) are colored when on fire. Rest assured, this is the same Purple Fire we saw at the beginning of the issue and at the end of Issue 7!