Shank Shank

And things go from bad to worse

Okay, that’s our final page for Issue No. 9. Things aren’t looking great for our heroes, or, to be honest, our artist. I’m liking the pages I’m drawing right now but I haven’t been keeping up. Ack! It’s a combination of a number of stressors, and I’m behind on my coloring.

Normally I try to stay a whole issue ahead so by the time one issue ends, I have the next one ready to go. That way I know I can post the whole thing and keep to my biweekly schedule.

Issue 10 presents a liiiitle problem: it’s 52 pages long. And I’ve drawn 20 pages so far! But I’ve only finished coloring 8 of them. And I haven’t even gotten my special features or cover for Issue 9 ready to go. Basically, I have bitten off too much to chew.

So here we are, at a crossroads. Three choices.

I can take a long enough break from posting to be sure I have sufficient pages ready to go that I think it likely that we can post the whole issue without interruption.

I can take a shorter break from posting, and plan to have an “intermission” in the middle of the story if it comes to that.

Or I can take the shorter break, and if time is my enemy I can post some pages without full colors. Just the ink, the dialogue/sound effects, and flat colors.

So I’m giving the, like, six of you who read this the chance to vote. One way or another, I am finishing this thing. It’s gonna be epic. It just might take some time.

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How should I publish Issue #10?