End of Issue No. 5 – Cover Poll!

Oh, that can’t be good. Just a little ominousness at the end of Issue No. 5, huh?

Well, dear reader, we’ll see where things go from here soon enough… but in the meantime, it’s time to decide on a cover for Issue No. 5. That’s right, it’s time for the…

Issue No. 5 Cover Poll!

You know the drill at this point. I give you a few options of covers, and you vote on your favorite for me to draw. As always, I’ll strive to give you a variety of choices to select from, and hope that the wisdom of the masses points me in the right direction.

First up is Trumpets of Doom.

Yes, that’s our good friend Evil Electricity, cackling madly, flanked by rows of literal trumpets. I don’t know how to draw trumpets, but if this one wins I will figure it out. They may have banners.

Next up is Detonation!

This one is Caspian, in the moment before he blows himself up on page 1. He’ll be colored all glowy-like, and there will be light shooting out of his eyes and mouth. Several of the ideas I came up with ended up a little too spoilery for my taste, but this one seems fairly dramatic without giving away anything in the book!

And it wouldn’t be a cover poll without a third option, so I give you Frozen in Ice!

Not to be confused with Frozen on Ice, this cover shows Rosary and Summoner trapped in a big block of ice — hinting at the fate they narrowly avoided in this issue’s battle. Rosary’s hand may or may not be protruding from the ice, depending on whether I can get the foreshortening correct.

Those are your choices! Don’t let me down!

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Which design should I use for the cover to Issue No. 5?
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The poll will close on January 26, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. PDT! Get voting!