Two Minute Movie Review: Logan

  • Logan is an action movie, and a comic book movie, with all that entails, and yet it’s got a surprisingly emotional core to it.
  • This is probably the first time I’ve found Wolverine’s claws portrayed believably on film. Usually the X-Men films have more or less shied away from the bloody end of things (Deadpool excluded, of course) — but here it actually seems to be like what you’d actually expect, given the nature of the weapon.
  • But it’s not glorifying of violence — I mean, there are plenty of dismemberments and beheadings, but they’re more necessary than gratuitous. If that makes sense.
  • I can see why Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman have both said that they won’t portray these characters again. This movie showed Xavier and Logan as raw, broken men looking at the end of their roads. There’s an intensity to that portrayal that won’t be matched by another round of fisticuffs with Magneto.
  • Oh, and Dafne Keen is pretty amazing — heck, she does a lot with just facial expressions.
  • In summation, X-Men movies have had their ups and downs. Heck, I skipped Apocalypse after reading a few reviews. But this one is one of the ups. It’s a somber film, but a memorable one.

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