Cover Poll – Issue No. 3 – Bonus Stories

And that wraps up Issue No. 3!

I hope you all appreciated the more serious turn this issue. This was a really tough one to write, but I think I managed to accomplish what I set out to do — even if I ended up totally rewriting some of the dialogue after the art was already done!

I do, always, appreciate feedback in the form of comments. If you want to write something longer — the email address is

The cover poll is coming below, but first…

Let’s Talk Bonus Stories

You might have noticed that this issue ended on Page 25. And 25 is not divisible by 4. When this issue goes to print I’ll have a choice — print Page 25 on the inside of the back cover, or come up with four pages of bonus content.

So, I’m toying with the idea of a print-exclusive bonus story or pages. I might use this as an opportunity to try out a fully-digital comic page. Is there anything you all would like to see? Questions you want answered that probably won’t be covered in the actual pages in future issues? Like, “where does Caspian buy his hero pants?” Post a comment! I’ll take any ideas under consideration.

Okay, Here’s the Cover Poll!

All right. Tough one. Somehow it’s easier to come up with ideas for more action-oriented or goofier issues. This issue … was not terribly goofy.

But I’ve come up with a few designs and hopefully one of them will spark your interest!

First off, the most obvious of the bunch … The “Face Off”:

Basically it’s Rosary and Quanta facing off (imagine that). They both look kind of angry. Probably a dark background behind them, possibly with a tension burst behind them. Think Page 20, Panel 1, only full-page.

Next up, we have “Crime Scene”:

That’s Quanta kneeling over a body under a sheet, behind one of those yellow plastic “police line” caution tape things. Some figures are standing in the shadows behind her — probably her teammates from the OmegaTech crew.

Finally, we have “Blind Justice”:

A giant statue of blind justice (possibly colored like a non-statue, I dunno) in the background, holds up the scales of justice. In one side, Quanta’s brother lies dead from a bullet wound, while Quanta reaches upwards in desperation. On the other, higher side, Officer Trent stands with a smoking gun, out of reach. If this one wins I might play around with placement for Justice, and/or head position.

Okay! So those are the options. Feel free to suggest alterations and I’ll take ’em into consideration.

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Which design should I use for the cover to Issue No. 3?
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The Poll will end July 10, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

3 thoughts on “Cover Poll – Issue No. 3 – Bonus Stories

  1. I also like the design of blind justice. And it’s the most interesting and different. And gives warning that this issue has a heavier tone.

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