Cover Poll Results – Issue No. 3 + Bonus Thumbnails

Today’s bonus features are some thumbnails from Issue No. 3!

And now, the results of the Issue No. 3 Cover Poll (drumroll please):

Which design should I use for the cover to Issue No. 3?
6 votes · 0 answers

And the winner is … Blind Justice! Good choice!

I’ll get to work on that. One more day of bonus features on Friday, then the cover on Sunday and we’ll get started on Issue No. 4! That one’s gonna be the most spectacular, action-packed issue yet. Plus hero pants and explosions! Don’t miss it.

Cover Poll – Issue No. 3 – Bonus Stories

And that wraps up Issue No. 3!

I hope you all appreciated the more serious turn this issue. This was a really tough one to write, but I think I managed to accomplish what I set out to do — even if I ended up totally rewriting some of the dialogue after the art was already done!

I do, always, appreciate feedback in the form of comments. If you want to write something longer — the email address is

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