End of Issue No. 6 – Cover Poll

The aftermath is revealed in today’s page

And that wraps up Issue No. 6, which means it’s time for the…

Issue No. 6 Cover Poll!

As usual, I present to you three choices. Please vote for your favorite.

First up is Bestowing the Rod!

In this one we have Quanta kneeling on the ground, looking up at Terinbao as she holds the Rod of Vengeance over Quanta’s head. (That little arrow is to remind me, should this one be chosen, to center the image better on the page.)

Next up is Quanta Defeated!

In this one, Quanta lies unconscious in the background; in the foreground, the Rod of Justice crosses the page, alluding to her near defeat on Page 11. Note that in the final image, if this one is selected, I will in all likelihood not have Quanta collapsed on a car. Maybe a pile of rubble? Cars are hard.

And finally we have On Fire!

This one is a closeup on Quanta, staring defiantly at the camera, her jacket smoldering (reminiscent again of the blast she received on Page 11).

Oh, one last thing before you vote!

I’d like to do another set of Ask Dawn strips, but I need a question or two. Got anything you want to ask? Questions about the universe of the comic, or, I dunno, relationship advice? Leave a comment or email askdawn@3greenfish.net. Dawn would appreciate it if we don’t spend the whole three strips talking about Caspian’s pants.

Okay! Time for the poll! Please vote!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which design should I use for the cover to Issue No. 6?
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You’ve got until Friday, May 11, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. PDT to vote.

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