Two Minute Movie Review: Arrival

  • If I recall correctly, the trailers tried to imply that this was an alien invasion movie. It’s not. It’s an alien communication movie.
  • It’s about learning to communicate with beings that think in a manner and fashion that is utterly unlike the way that we do.
  • It’s also an exploration just how humanity would react to first contact.
  • Some solid and unexpected twists and turns.
  • It’s a thinky movie, not an explosion-fest. But the kind of more cerebral science fiction film that often gets ignored in favor of its big-budget explosion-focused blockbuster cousin.
  • Solid performances throughout, and Amy Adams is terrific in the (difficult) lead role.

3 thoughts on “Two Minute Movie Review: Arrival

  1. I finally saw it! Really loved the concept of the aliens, and their way of communicating, and I really liked the heavy twist on a typical happy ending. I’m starting to get pretty annoyed, though, with movies that have a woman and a person of color (okay fine, and the leader of China), and then just seem to give up and make everybody else white guys. I realize there weren’t very many speaking characters, but still. Even making the military background more female would’ve helped, and why not more racial diversity? Sigh.

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