Cover Poll – Help Pick the Cover for Issue No. 1! – Call for Letters!

Well folks, that wraps up Issue No. 1… Now’s a good time to go back and read through the whole thing from start to finish! We’ll wait here for you.

All done? Great! Issue No. 2 is just about ready to start coming your way, but first, we’ve got a cover to create. And when you get the end, consider sending us a letter!


Typically, comic book cover artists submit a set of possible thumbnails to their editor, who invariably picks the worst one, and that’s how a cover is designed! Since I am my own editor, I’ll ask you to pitch in and give me some input. (To be specific, please help me pick the best one!)

We have three lovely choices for Issue No. 1 covers. And by “lovely” I of course mean “hastily scrawled and barely competent.” Let’s get this celebration instigated.

First off… “The Classic”:


Yes, that’s the killer android from Issue No. 1 punching out Rosary or Firecracker (your choice!), while dear departed Professor Ziggurat looks on with a scowl in the background.

Next, we have “Android Menaces Jeremiah”:


In which the android reaches out to hurt Jeremiah von Brandt, while Rosary and Firecracker race toward them down a hallway.

What? Those are both too serious for you? I can see you are a man and/or woman of discerning taste? Thus, I give you “Half-Assed Hero Pants”:


Oh god. Please don’t pick this one? It’s meant to be a joke. Seriously. I was thinking “what would be the simplest cover I could do, and came up with “just a big butt and two characters ranting about poor choices.”

So, here’s the deal. Vote for the one you like best, then leave a comment with your reason why that should be the cover. Note that if you haven’t commented before your comment may be held briefly in moderation (but I will get to it!). You may also suggest modifications, such as character substitution or slight changes in pose or layout.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Which design should I use for the cover to Issue No. 1?
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The poll will close on Friday, December 9, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The poll is now closed. Thanks everyone for voting!

Call for Letters!

Still here? I thought you’d have flung up your hands in disgust at that last thumbnail. I can tell you are a dedicated and fervent reader of this fine comic.

There’s a tradition in comics of having a page of letters from readers at the back of the book. Usually the editor responds to a few of them with cryptic and/or evasive comments, attempting not to reveal anything about what’s coming up while still satisfying their fans’ need for feeling engaged.

So, at some point, I’m going to get this thing printed up. Because I can. And I’d love to have a letters page at the back. Want to help out? Email a question, digression, or dissertation to: (update: letters closed for Issue No. 1). Make sure to sign your name as you want to be listed. Letters may be edited for length, yadda yadda yadda.

16 thoughts on “Cover Poll – Help Pick the Cover for Issue No. 1! – Call for Letters!

  1. Obviously, half-assed hero pants. Don’t make me use the power of social networking or Reddit as a force for good here to make that happen.

  2. I vote for number 2 but would like to see Rosary and Firecracker bigger and more central to the cover as they are the ones most featured in the issue (I just reread the entire issue). Also, I kind of like the design best in #1. Maybe you should do a fourth option that is Rosary, Firecracker and the android…

    • That was my concern about Option 2 as well. If that design wins I’ll play around with placement and such to see if I can get Rosary or Firecracker (or both) a bit larger in the tableau.

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